Circle Art Programs 

Circle Pro Art ( brings together all the Art Programs developed and directed by SM Pro Art.


After two editions of Art in the Origin, we thought it was time to develop new projects to promote the arts. For this we would need new spaces in which to carry them out and make them grow.


The first was a website that would allow us to be in contact, directly, with artists from all over the world who might be interested in being part of them. will be the site!


In addition, a project of this magnitude would require an own space in which not only we can host the talks and presentations of the Art in the Origin seminar, but develop and expand all the new art programs in which we are thinking about.


For this we have acquired a beautiful house located in a wonderful rural environment, on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea, in Suances. This house will be our operational headquarters, studio, space for meetings and exhibitions and, of course, the future home for the resident artists..


Meanwhile we move forward with the restoration of the house, we continue with new editions of Art in the Origin and designing the new projects ....


Visit us!!!


Our new home